Chronicles: Game Development, Game Engines & Retro Futuristic Steampunk Musings.

  • Mars Helicopter – ‘Ginny’

    Mars Helicopter – ‘Ginny’

    NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. To celebrate this spectacular feat of engineering I built a simulated ‘flight number 2’ within Unreal Engine 4. And of course Ginny at some time later found the Cavor sphere on her travels on Barsoom: [note…

  • Which Game Engine for Cogwheel Chronicles ?

    Which Game Engine for Cogwheel Chronicles ?

    For several years the Cogwheel Chronicle Universe (CCU) has been built out using a custom engine (for fun I came to call it the ‘Cogwheel Engine’) that evolved from the Game Guru engine source code that Lee Bamber of ‘The Game Creators’ company made available on GitHub. I rewrote parts of the engine and totally…

  • Western Steampunk

    Western Steampunk

    The Wild West (or ‘Weird West’) has always been a part of the steampunk ethos. The two major historical steampunk conceits are ‘retro futurism’ within bothVictorian England and Wild West America. And as such Cogwheel Chronicles embraces both of these concepts within its game world. Early concept work for the weird wild west:

  • Victorian England Steampunk

    Victorian England Steampunk

    A call to an age of retro simplicity with the promise of so much more …

  • Steampunk Airship Aerobatics

    Steampunk Airship Aerobatics

    What is the best game play dynamics for the control of an airship for both combat and exploration purposes? That’s the exam question presently being wrestled with:

  • Video Catch-up

    Video Catch-up

  • Unreal Third Person Blueprints

    Unreal Third Person Blueprints

    Exploring how to get a custom character to operate as a third person view protagonist – and essentially there are four steps: (1) Import character and animations, with at least those needed for the minium viable TPV e.g. idle, walk, run, jump. (2) Setup an event graph blueprint (3) Build out a state machine, using…

  • Using Unreal for Cogwheel Chronicles

    Using Unreal for Cogwheel Chronicles

    I’m continuing the investigation of using Epic’s Unreal Engine (version 4.25) for Cogwheel Chronicles. Presently as a beginner with Unreal, I followed an interesting tutorial – . This just scratches the surface of Unreal, but once through it I did know the very rough basics of importing assets and basic terrain creation and update.…

  • New Hero Steampunk Airship

    New Hero Steampunk Airship

    Some elements of 3d kitbashing have gone on to create this new hero airship for Cogwheel Chronicles. As much as I might want to create everything from scratch, I just don’t have the time at the moment. Still, I think it looks OK rendering in Unreal and looks pretty cool in action with flapping wings…

  • Just Gotta Love The Steampunk Vibe

    Just Gotta Love The Steampunk Vibe