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  • Underwater Caustics

    Underwater Caustics

    I subscribe to several guys building game engines that use youtube to showcase their work – the ‘Wicked Engine’ being one of my favourites, there are prolific updates that often show cutting edge game engine rendering. Recently a video popped up showing underwater caustic simulation and it is actually a pretty good case of ‘fakery’…

  • HBAO – Ambient Occlusion

    HBAO – Ambient Occlusion

    Last year I looked at SSAO techniques (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) and a fellow game developer mentioned HBAO to me (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion). As post processing screen based effects are often the most rewarding to work on I thought I would investigate HBAO compared to SSAO. I found that there was a significant improvement…

  • Game Engine User Cameras

    Game Engine User Cameras

    In-game cameras – that the game developer can use to render scenes to textures, that are also within game (diegetic) are useful for such things as player portals, mini-maps, rear view displays in cockpits and the like. Clearly using too many of these type of cameras will affect performance and FPS drops are likely as…