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  • Steampunk Mouse

    Steampunk Mouse

    As the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse is now out of copyright, thought it was time there was a Steampunk Mouse with all the pith and vigour of Douglas Fairbanks: Interesting links on the subject: Public Domain Day 2024 | Duke University School of Law Mickey, Disney, and the Public Domain: a 95-year Love Triangle…

  • Hullabaloo – Episode 1

    Hullabaloo – Episode 1

    Hullabaloo Cartoon on YouTube I contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for this steampunk 2D animation series 9 years ago – it’s great to see the series being released even after all this time. A work of art.

  • Cyan Eyed – Superb Steampunk Film

    Cyan Eyed – Superb Steampunk Film

    “Cyan Eyed” movie is a triumph of plot, engaging characters, special effects and music within a steampunk world. I’ve only just come across this spectacular film and it so resonates with the vibe of what I imagine and am trying to build for the ‘Cogwheel Chronicles’ game, it is almost spooky 🙂 It has sentient…