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  • Cogwheel Chronicles – Airship Combat

    Cogwheel Chronicles – Airship Combat

    Watch Cathodia Callan fight off a marauding pirate airship equipped with a state of the art Tesla Cannon.

  • Mars Helicopter – ‘Ginny’

    Mars Helicopter – ‘Ginny’

    NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. To celebrate this spectacular feat of engineering I built a simulated ‘flight number 2’ within Unreal Engine 4. And of course Ginny at some time later found the Cavor sphere on her travels on Barsoom: [note…

  • Which Game Engine for Cogwheel Chronicles ?

    Which Game Engine for Cogwheel Chronicles ?

    For several years the Cogwheel Chronicle Universe (CCU) has been built out using a custom engine (for fun I came to call it the ‘Cogwheel Engine’) that evolved from the Game Guru engine source code that Lee Bamber of ‘The Game Creators’ company made available on GitHub. I rewrote parts of the engine and totally…

  • Video Catch-up

    Video Catch-up

  • Unreal Third Person Blueprints

    Unreal Third Person Blueprints

    Exploring how to get a custom character to operate as a third person view protagonist – and essentially there are four steps: (1) Import character and animations, with at least those needed for the minium viable TPV e.g. idle, walk, run, jump. (2) Setup an event graph blueprint (3) Build out a state machine, using…

  • Using Unreal for Cogwheel Chronicles

    Using Unreal for Cogwheel Chronicles

    I’m continuing the investigation of using Epic’s Unreal Engine (version 4.25) for Cogwheel Chronicles. Presently as a beginner with Unreal, I followed an interesting tutorial – . This just scratches the surface of Unreal, but once through it I did know the very rough basics of importing assets and basic terrain creation and update.…