The Cogwheel Chronicles

PC Video Game

RPG Steampunk Adventure

1882. A steam powered world simmers.
Airships, automatons and armies maintain an uneasy peace.

But as science feeds humanity’s hunger for power … myth and magic will not stay buried forever.

Journey to a history unlike our own and explore a future where fact and fiction blur.

Game Play

Explore a retro futuristic steampunk world as captain of your own airship alongside your trusted mechanical companion Cogsbody, taking care to balance acquisition of fuel and provisions whilst skirmishing where necessary with other dirigibles, outposts and air krakens.

Status Overview

Cogwheel Chronicles is presently under development using the Unreal 5 engine. Fast prototyping is completed with the ‘Cogwheel Engine’ that is an extension of the Wicked Engine.

Video of Development Tests

airship skirmish
animated game menu

Picture Gallery


Thank you for your interest in Cogwheel Chronicles.
The game is still in development and likely to be released late 2024 / early 2025

Please keep an eye on our progress and we hope to see you back here soon.


It is expected that Cogwheel Chronicles will be released on Steam – please keep an eye on our progress and we hope that you will enjoy the steampunk adventure.