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Cogwheel Chronicles

1882. A steam powered world simmers.
Airships, automatons and armies maintain an uneasy peace.

But as science feeds humanity’s hunger for power … myth and magic will not stay buried forever.

Journey to a history unlike our own and explore a future where fact and fiction blur.

The Steampunk Adventure Of The Century.

Victorians Vs. Aliens

Since 1877 when canals were first observed on Mars, Empire scientists envisaged and yearned for contact with non human intelligent life from other worlds.

Most of these learned people assumed that alien life would be benevolent, generous and open to friendship with the human race.

The British Empire’s military commanders assumed the opposite. They prepared for war. In the air, on the ground and in the sea.

Cogwheel Engine

Building upon the Wicked Engine renderer to furnish a bespoke game engine.

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Steampunk Mouse
As the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse is now out of copyright, …
Hullabaloo – Episode 1
Hullabaloo Cartoon on YouTube I contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for this …

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